NAMU Animation and Changeverse Collaborate on NFT Project

NAMU 2022.03.25 11:04 Views 159
[Business Korea - By Reporter Jung Seok-i] Animation production company NAMU Animation and Changeverse
announced on the 24th that they will collaborate on an NFT project. With this collaboration, both companies
revealed their plans to make a full entry into the NFT market.

NAMU Animation has also participated in famous Japanese anime such as "One Piece" and "Boruto,"
expanding its presence overseas. They established an NFT production department in February and are currently
in the final stages of production.

A representative from NAMU Animation stated, "Instead of indiscriminately issuing the same PFP
(Profile Picture), we aim to create high-quality work based on NAMU Animation's technical expertise. We are
currently working on various content that holders have not experienced in previous NFTs."

Meanwhile, the NFT project in collaboration with Changeverse has completed the establishment of the
worldview and roadmap.