About Us


NAMU Animation is a content provider that offers high-quality 2D and 3D animation from planning to production, marketing, and beyond, targeting the worldwide market.

CEO In Jo 사인

  • Business Description
    Our company operates primarily in the production of video, music, character licenses, and other content for TV, OTT, and movie animation.
    We also engage in profit distribution and distribution-related operations through secondary use in the production business.
  • Production Business
    We utilize OEM orders from domestic and international sources, as well as web novel and webtoon intellectual properties, to ensure consistent production from planning to editing. Our goal is to enhance creators' video production skills, as well as improve quality management, schedule management, and production budget management through the accumulation of capabilities and know-how.
  • Copyright Business
    For the purpose of production business and animation production, we recruit production committees and execute the sales operation of certain rights related to secondary use domestically and internationally. We also distribute profits based on investment and the ratio of capital contributions. Additionally, we distribute income such as planning and original work royalties for works that have been created through planning and original work conducted by our company.
  • Vision
    In the future, our company aims to develop high-quality works that meet the demands of the broadband era, focusing on nurturing talented young creators and improving production techniques.
    We will also expand revenue through international co-production and joint investment formats.