NAMU Animation to issue NFTs following webtoon production.

NAMU 2022.03.22 11:03 Views 149
NAMU Animation announced on the 22nd that they are currently producing a webtoon adaptation
of the recent web novel 'Male Teacher at Hunter Girls' High'.

"Hunter Yeogo's Male Teacher" has been serialized since 2020 on platforms such as Munpia, Naver Series,
and Kakao Page. It is a modern fantasy novel that depicts the story of the protagonist, a retired hunter at
a young age, becoming a teacher at YeHyun High School, a school for hunter training.

A representative from NAMU Animation stated, "We have completed the design/line work and plan to
deliver it after coloring and post-production meetings," and added, "We also plan to adapt the well-
received web novel into a webtoon."

Furthermore, NAMU Animation established an NFT production department in February and plans to
issue PFP (Profile Picture) images in the NFT market for social media.

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