NAMU Animation - Changeverse to Open Official NFT Website

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NAMU Animation and Changeverse to Open Official NFT Website

NAMU Animation and Changeverse announced on the 12th that they will open an official
NFT project website based on the business agreement they made last year.

Through the unveiling of this official website, users will be able to explore the vision and
universe of the NFT project, as well as view detailed roadmaps and FAQs. Additionally,
the official community channels will also be disclosed.

NAMU Animation is an animation production company that has been expanding its
presence overseas by participating in collaborations with famous Japanese animations
such as Netflix's "Baki", "One Piece" and "Pokémon."

Changeverse, meaning Change+Metaverse, is a project team formed to emphasize
differentiation from existing NFT projects and to establish a stable ecosystem based on
the expertise of professionals in blockchain, marketing, and customer service.

A representative from NAMU Animation stated, "Since February, we have established a
dedicated NFT production department and have been focusing on creating PFP (Profile
Picture) with great care." They further added, "Unlike issuing PFPs indiscriminately by
simply changing costumes and accessories like other NFT projects, we prioritize the unique
high quality of NFTs based on our technical capabilities. The results of the work, which were
sketched and developed directly by NAMU Animation's NFT production team, will be available
for viewing on the website."

A representative from Changeverse stated, "Through the official website, we will present
introductions and roadmaps for the project, and specific minting schedules will be announced

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☞ Link to the Official NFT Website