NAMU Animation to produce a theatrical animation based on the novel "Agami" by Goo Byung-mo

NAMU 2022.03.01 11:02 Views 151
NAMU Animation has announced that it will produce a theatrical animation of the original novel "Agami"
by Goo Byung-mo through a collaboration with the company "Pencil Meditation."

NAMU Animation is an animation production and planning company that has established the highest level
of One Source Multi Use environment in Korea. In 2021, they won the Minister of SMEs and Startups Award,
demonstrating their prominent position in the industry.

"Agami," which will be made into an animation, is a novel that tells the story of a boy who acquires Agami
at the threshold of death and lives in isolation from the world. It has been loved by many people.

NAMU Animation has announced that director Ahn Jae-hoon has been nominated for the director of the
"Agami" animation. Ahn Jae-hoon is an animator and director of "Pencil Meditation," and has received
international acclaim for expressing the colors of representative Korean novels such as "Memilkkot Pil
Muryeop" and "Sona-gi" as animation.

NAMU Animation was recognized as a management innovation-oriented small and medium-sized enterprise
in September 2021 for sharing and disseminating innovation capabilities.