NAMU's 2 Studio Attends the I Love Character Contest Awards Ceremony

NAMU 2023.12.20 16:59 Views 214
The 17th Monthly <I Love Character> Character Contest Awards Ceremony was held 
on Decmeber 15 at the CKL Corporate Support Center in Jung-gu, Seoul.

In this contest which was hosted by Korea's only monthly magazine specializing in 
characters and animation <I Love Character>, NAMU Animation's IP project 
<NERONEROTOWN> won the Encouragement Award.

NERONEROTOWN's Trix, who received the Encouragement Award, is one of the seven 
characters in NERONEROTOWN. Trix is a mouse who likes to play pranks, but is embarrassed 
to be seen by others, so he wears a cloth over his face to gain confidence.

Min-gu Jo, NAMU's 2 Studio Producer said that they plan to present a short-form animation 
series in omnibus format through the 'NERONEROTOWN' YouTube channel in the first half of 2024.