NERONEROTOWN Receives Encouragement Award at 17th I Love Character Contest

NAMU 2023.11.14 11:43 Views 114
NAMU Animation's "NERONEROTOWN" clinched the Encouragement Award 
at the 17th I Love Character Contest in 2023, hosted by South Korea's premier 
character-focused magazine.

I Love Character is the nation's sole character-specialized monthly magazine, 
annually organizing character contests since 2007.

CEO In Jo expressed, "We're honored by the Encouragement Award at the I Love 
Character Contest, recognizing NERONEROTOWN's creative excellence. 
We look forward to developing fun and thoughtful stories that people can enjoy."

In the first half of 2024, NAMU Animation plans to unveil a NERONEROTOWN 
short-form animation series in omnibus format through its dedicated YouTube channel.