Gill Post Production: Vocal Recording Session featuring Voice Actor Chae-rim

NAMU 2023.10.10 17:48 Views 129

Gearing Up for Gill's Post-Production: Ensuring Precision with Voice Over Recording

In preparation for GILL's post-production, we have meticulously organized the lines 

that were modified or added during the production process. This allowed us to 

re-record lines by the main cast to achieve the best possible outcome.

For this session, we had the pleasure of being joined by Chae-rim, the exclusive voice 

actor for the 11th season of Tooniverse. Chae-rim also lent her voice to the character 

'Nilu' in <One God>.

To ensure a seamless integration of visuals and audio in the final film, we are rigorously 

reviewing and dubbing each section in advance through animation over-recording. 

This process ensures that every detail aligns perfectly with the intended outcome.