NAMU Animation Collaborates with Satelight on Upcoming Animated TV Series

NAMU 2023.10.05 17:45 Views 134

NAMU Animation has successfully obtained a commission from Satelight Inc. 

(Japanese: 株式会社サテライト) to produce two animated television series, 

comprising a total of 24 episodes, set for release in 2024.

On October 5th, Satelight's Director Hideaki Hata and Producer Kenichi Tagano 

visited the NAMU Animation offices in Seoul. The NAMU team engaged in 

discussions with them about various parts of the forthcoming projects.

With a commitment to leveraging their expertise and production capabilities, 

NAMU Animation is dedicated to fostering a robust partnership with Satelight Inc. 

They have pledged to collaborate on a wide array of animation genres in the future.