Mong Z


TV Series

3 minutes X 12 episodes


2D animation


Comedy Life Adventure

Target Age

6 – 9


Deep in the mountains, there lived a mountain monkey named Ah Mong.

He thought he was a descendant of the legendary Monkey King Sun Wukong.

One day, an event brought Ah Mong 500 years into the future to the present time.

Ah Mong has never seen anything like this. He would find his way into a city and meet Momo.

Everything is strange for Ah Mong. He encounters various people and get into accidents while living in the city.

Momo’s life becomes increasingly complicated with Ah Mong disrupting her life. But Momo is a tough girl and gets used to Ah Mong’s freewheeling spirit.

Ah Mong tries to find a way back to his home in Samhan Mountain. When Momo found out that Ah Mong misses his home, she actively helps him find a way to get back.

For now, they stay together and their friendship grows.

In the meanwhile, can Ah Mong get used to city life?

And, he can find his way home?

Story Line

Story Line Titles

Character Line Map

Ah Mong (monkey, male)

Ah Mong is a mountain monkey who thinks of himself as a descendant of Sun Wukong.

Thanks to living in the forest, there are many animals that are curious and follow.

  • Together with his chameleon Ca Mong, can show sympathy in a situation
  • Has the ability to assimilate into object (a kind of transparency)
  • Can reduce his body size to a small size in 30 seconds
  • Has the ability to see into the soul
  • Has the ability to be completely animalized

Momo (monkey, female)

Momo was born in the city with a strong princess-like personality.

After meeting with Ah Mong, she has done many silly things.

  • She is Ah Mong’s guardian

  • Her personality changes from being haughty and proud to being someone that is lively and kind

Taku (tiger, male)

Taku is a city-born tiger, who learned to be brave by writing and tries to live well.

He is a self-proclaimed leader that can be a short on leadership.

He considers himself a rival of Ah Mong.

  • A powerful tiger

  • To hide his weaknesses, he tries to showoff as much as he can

  • Frequently accident-prone

Professor Peng (panda, male)

Peng is a historian and scientist.

He is a genius, but has a hard time making items.

  • has a great interest in history that is hidden

  • made objects with the complexity of a Rube Goldberg machine

Tubo (pig, male)

Tubo admires Professor Peng and wants to be like him. 

He is a friend of Momo.

  • Tubo always wears a panda hoodie because of his admiration for pandas

  • Uses items and props only 1 time

Nadu & Nami (cat thieves, male twins)

Ah Mong heard someone was in Professor Peng’s house and found Nadu and Nami snooping around and taking stuff.

Later, Nadu and Nami would go and steal Ah Mong’s belongings and his chameleon…

  • Always commit petty theft (that’s why they took the chameleon)

  • Sometimes they unintentionally help Ah Mong

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